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Employability Skills

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Basic BeeKeeping

This course explains the basics of the practice of keeping bees or husbanding bees for the production of honey and 5 other hive products. It also opens the students up to the possibility of providing services using the bees as service providers.

Networking Skills - Building Future Relationships for Success

Most people are familiar with the saying: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!” Uncover the power that strong professional networks can add to the success of your career and personal life.

Agro-Effectiveness and Productivity

It is possible to use cultivated natural plants to prepare various products that can serve as food. This course will show you how to use a range of agricultural plants to create nutritional and healthy products.

Habits of Highly Effective People - Real World Application

Your habits can determine the direction of your life. When they are bad, failure is imminent. When they are good, success is assured. This short course will guide you through essential habits you require to achieve your goals and lead a great life.

Skin Care Products

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Child Abuse

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All Na Packaging - A Digital Guide for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, did you know that your business can thrive even more than it is currently? The digital space has everything to do with your business. This course is aimed at guiding small businesses like yours, through the digital marketing space, particularly social media, to make the most out of your business.

Digital Entrepreneurship

As the world goes digital, merging freelance with digital entrepreneurship is necessary to stay competitive in a digital world. Everyone can be an entrepreneur but not everyone has the skills to maximize the potential of digital technology. This course puts it all into perspective for you.

Storytelling for Business - Build a Great Brand

Stories are all we have and virtually everything is built around stories. Telling and hearing stories are human nature and this is true for your business. This course is all about brand storytelling - building a great connection between your business and its current and potential customers and the world in general.

Bead-Making 101

Did you know that bead making has a long historic background in our culture? Recently, a lot of skills are evolving and the art of bead making is not left out. In this course, I will give you simple stylish bead techniques.

Emotional Intelligence

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Cold Process Soap Making

The first recorded soap makers in about 2800 BC were the Babylonians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Soap making has since then evolved to mass production using syntenic materials. In recent years Eco-friendly lifestyle is the norm, going back to nature and soaps made using natural produce is encouraged.

Pottery for Beginners: Making Amazing Objects from Clay

Do you recall the thrill and excitement we felt as children, using our creativity and imagination to express ourselves? When we used to create objects from sand and clay?  Are you looking to dive into the art of pottery and make profit from it? All you need to know is the process, and this course walks you through those aspects, so you can learn more about pottery.

A Guide to Business Writing for Career Success

Your ideas are powerful. Learn to masterfully deliver your vision and message with the eloquence it deserves with our business writing course online. You'll navigate the world of business communications (emails, memos, proposals etc.) using simple writing tools and techniques taught in this Online Business Writing Course.

Infant-Child CPR and AED

Do you know what to do in a life-threatening emergency situation of an infant? In this course, I'll teach you how to perform high-quality CPR and AED.

Creating Commercial-Like Pictures - For Small Businesses

A key feature of good marketing is the ability to use high-quality pictures of your products to attract customers. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford photography services for their products. This course addresses the issue by teaching you how to be your own professional product photographer with smartphone.

Fish Farming - Earn from Home

You might wonder why people go into fishery/fish farming. You probably think it's too difficult and non-profitable! Interestingly, Fishery is one of the most easiest and economical aspects of Agriculture. It is highly profitable when you know how to go about it. In this course, I will guide you on how to effectively run a fish farm.

The Basics of Mental Health

The only journey is the journey within. How you feel on the inside determines your outlook on life. The saying that “you are what you think” can never be overstated because it is impossible to live a healthy life if you’re not healthy mentally. Knowledge of mental health is very vital. This course is an introductory guide on how to live healthy through building a healthy mind.

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